Mar. 30th, 2009

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What exactly is the point of putting the clocks forward an hour? I know the official answer is to give us an extra hour of daylight, but it doesn't does it? It doesn't stop the planet moving and travelling round the sun. It doesn't add to the number of hours in a day. We merely get the same amount of daylight, but with a new name. And again the official reason was to give farmers an extra hour of daylight, but they managed without it in winter, and if they really need more daylight now, why don't they just get up earlier?
I am surrounded by boxes and cables, as my BT Vision has just arrived. Unfortunately the cable provided doesn't quite reach the best socket for it, so it is spread across my walking space to one it does reach, so I have to play French skipping every time I want to leave the room. This situation will have to see out the week as I can't really go shopping for an extension cable while I'm working nights. And after half an hour of hunting I realised the really useful 4-gang extension I do have is already under the bed with one item, a bedside lamp, plugged into it.
So if you don't hear from me for a week I am either amusing myself recording and playing back live television, or I have tripped over a badly placed cable and have electrocuted myself. 
My Tesco delivery is now officially 10 minutes late. I am hungry. I do hope they don't give me a 'complimentary' Daily Mail again, it's getting embarrassing having it on show in the recycling. Edit: Yes, yes they did.


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