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May. 20th, 2009 11:39 am
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OK, I am a bit 'huh?' about Dreamwidth. I can't figure out how to add people. I have found a page that lists all my Livejournal friends, but that is 350 people, many of whom haven't been heard of for years, or didn't exist in the first place, and Dreamwidth has automatically ticked them all for me to add which clearly I don't want to. Do I have to spend all morning unticking? Three people are in green, which seems to mean they have added me on Dreamwidth, but they are not ticked for me to add, so how do I reciprocate, other than spending all morning unticking the other 347 and ticking those three?
And where are my icons? It said I could upload icons, but none of them are stored on this computer. Do I have to make new ones? I somehow feel that I am making this harder than it should be, but I'm not terribly impressed so far.
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Oct. 2nd, 2001 09:20 am
I've got that very odd guilty feeling. Like I have forgotten to do something, or done something I shouldn't.
I've had this before (and normally I turn out not to have done/not done anything ater all!) but it's like a dreadful, chilling rush of adrenalin.

So if it's your birthday, or I owe you a tenner or something, tell me!

I have also realised exactly why I never learned to ride a bike.

Right, that's my 'recent entries' from Dreamwidth. And I have no friends. and I have imported a pretty (yes, actually me) new usericon that's gone, but I'm probably doing something wrong (but thank you [livejournal.com profile] mockduck for the code!) but then I have been up for 29 hours - this is brilliant for me on a Monday. Btw has anyone else been watching ITV's Boy Meets Girl? Its very watchable. Too many 'buts.' I wouldn't submit this lot at work. Argh.

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I am VERY stressed out, having just paid some essential bills and discovered this leaves me with about £4 a day until payday. Honestly, why won't anyone rent my spare room? I'm willing to drop the price ridiculously even if it means ripping myself off, but to be fair I'm being ripped off to start with, so what the hell? To cut a long story short I was offered this flat in February by a 'friend' who said 'hey, take on the flat and then all you need to do is find a flatmate...' but clearly she had inside knowledge that the flatmate market had bottomed out, so now I am paying about 80% of my salary to a 'friend' who I'm not feeling very friendly to at the moment because of this. It's pretty galling to be scrimping about for pennies when according to my recent P60 I earned a fairly nice amount last year.
And it's put me in the very difficult position in that I can't just cut my losses and move, because £4 a day doesn't leave me much for a deposit to move anywhere else does it?

DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANYONE WHO WANTS A ROOM TO RENT BEFORE I SHOOT MYSELF? (Well hey, the whole flat's yours if I do that.)

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Isn't the internet brilliant? I was sitting outside this morning having woken up at 6am, and thought that you don't see many cirrus clouds (having watched a documentary about clouds last week) so I decided to look them up on Wiki. And there it was, all the information about cirrus clouds you want. Years ago I would have had to have owned a pretty comprehensive set of encyclopedias* to find out this stuff. These days I don't own any sort of dictionaries, atlases or reference books because it's all just there. Or here, rather. Take last Saturday, I was going up to my friend Steve's in a part of England I've never been to before, and in the eighties and most of the nineties I would have needed a detailed map or instructions on how to get there, and I would have probably have visited or phoned the station for train times. On Saturday I simply Googled his post code, panned out a bit on the map to see where the station was, then looked up the train times and prices on thetrainline.com. And if it hadn't been way out in the countryside I could probably have even checked what his house looked like on Street View.
Yesterday I spent at least three hours reading Giles Coren's restaurant reviews (and finding out a new series of Supersizers Go... is just about to air, hurray!) and getting recipe ideas for my pork. Today I will probably find out what most of my friends did over the weekend even though I haven't seen them, and have sparked off a debate about Keith TOTP.
The bad side of the internet is that I am working tonight and have sleeping to do at some point. Also the floor needs a good going over. And I will most likely sit here hitting F5 instead of doing anything. The internet is good though innit?

*And I have looked up the correct plural.
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I am watching Saturday Kitchen having gone slightly OTT with breakfast. Steak, eggs, hash browns, mushrooms and grilled tomato. And I enjoyed every bit, except the little bit of shell that went underneath one egg, but I didn't eat that. It would have benefited from a bit of brown sauce, but I don't have any so I had some mustard, and plenty of black pepper. I now declare that bacon and eggs is old hat, and steak is the way forward.
What are you having for breakfast?

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Gosh, this is so not me, I've just seen some headlines and I'm DYING to see the full story. My job has changed me a lot - do you remember the days when I was all 'oh who cares who's in power, they're all the same'? and my best friend [livejournal.com profile] publicansdecoy despaired of me, because he's quite a political chap? Well last time we met up I was probably more of the political bore because I just wanted to chat House stuff. And now all I do is watch The News, or even The House on Parliament. , and rumble about Private Eye, my new favourite read.
Well FWIW I would be happy for John Denham to become PM, although no one's mentioned him yet, but Alan Johnson would def be up there in my vote too. (I've just read his wiki page and am quite startled, and like him more.) Wrong, wrong, wrong - you know me and all I care about is getting drunk and seeing bands, so I did that last night. gLAM cHOPS are absolutely amazing. Well we all know that Eddie is such a lovely bloke, and Mikey is a clever musician, but hell...put the two together and it's AMAZING. You can't vote directly for PM though can you? I'd want Lord Drayson, he's SO the best. 

*erm GMTV theree, huh?


May. 7th, 2009 02:47 pm
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Obviously when replacing my mp3 player I got the newer version - it has completely useless stuff like a speaker and an FM radio - but it appears to have NO RANDOM BUTTON. Am I expected to actually decide what I want to listen to rather than let it choose? This could end in tears.

What I actually wanted to say was, gLAM cHOPS people, are you all actually going to Art Brut too? Or does anyone want to meet up for pre-aftershow drinks somewhere seeing as it doesn't start until 11?

fill me in

May. 7th, 2009 12:59 pm
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Apparently I do have an iron, it's in what I call the cupboard under the stairs although there are no actual stairs involved, it's just a cupboard under the stairs type cupboard. There's even an ironing board in there too and I presume they're mine, in that they aren't on the inventory so were most likely left by the previous tenants (Australians who were returning back to Oz) and aren't the landlady's. The returning Australians were useful in that they (with my permission) left behind an extremely well stocked kitchen so I now have ridiculous things like pizza cutters and apple corers, and a giant meat cleaver, but bizarrely, no corkscrew.

I have spent ALL morning, having got up at 7.15 and just decided to quit, messing about with mp3s in anticipation of my new mp3 player arriving soon. This is not as easy as it sounds. My old laptop broke, in that the USB port physically snapped, and the USB port was the only way to get stuff onto my old mp3 player, and at at the time was my only way to get on the internet, with a dongle. So I bought a new laptop, a netbook in fact, which has no CD player.
Therefore the only way to get the stored music off the old laptop onto the new netbook is to plug the old laptop into the broadband, upload the mp3s five at a time to my BT vault, then download them on the netbook. And then I took the fox across and went back for the chickens, etc... Unfortunately lots of the stuff I had appeared to be unlabelled, or even if a whole album was labelled as a folder, the individual tracks inside would have nothing written on them, so I have been playing Name That Tune for quite some time. Or Googling for track listings, particularly when you realise you don't even know what the song title was in the first place. Anyway IT'S JUST ARRIVED. MY NEW BABY HAS BEEN POSTED THROUGH THE LETTERBOX AS I TYPE. So I shall go and get playing with it. I've just thrown the three other letters on the floor - I wonder if they were anything important?
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This is not the 20C weather I was assured of by the weather witch. I mean, it's nice, but it's no spending the day in the park weather is it? It's not hot. Oh well, I might check out the park another day. I'm already slightly confused by the seasonality as I bought some 'summer fruit pancakes' for breakfast and Tesco's idea of summer fruits is cranberry and blueberry. Yes, cranberry, that traditional Christmas dinner accompaniment, is a 'summer fruit.' 
The Loose Women women just mentioned ironing, and were horrified at the concept of never ironing anything, and we sort of had this debate in the pub last night. I don't ever, ever iron anything. I can't remember the last time I used an iron, and don't even own one. I stand by my statement in the pub in that if something is creased I just throw it back in the wash and hang it better. Ironing is a crazy thing to do.

Oh should I go to the park or not? I can't decide.
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Oh, I have just found a 'what to do if you lose your bank card' card nearly a week too late. That was fun - 'oh let's just get a cab, I'll pay...' so I asked the cab driver to stop at a cash machine on the way, and he took us via one of those £1.75 charge jobs inside a garage, which promptly ate my card. I'm fairly sure there must be a legitimate bank ATM on the way from central London to my house, but clearly not in this driver's 'knowledge,' therefore we were turfed out of the cab and left with a half hour walk.You'd think the least he could do was admit partial fault and finish the journey anyway, but no. Props to NatWest though - card reported stolen at roughly 5am on a Wednesday, new one delivered 12pm Friday.
To add insult to injury, when I was leaving for work the next night I realised my mp3 player was 'missing.' I bet it's in his sodding cab. And I couldn't even treat myself to a new one with no bank card (I have ordered one now, so please feel free to irritatingly tell me I could have had your old one/s.) As steam was coming out of my ears over the prospect of walking to work without all the new music I had only recently filled my mp3 player with, my belt broke. Last week was not a good week, as it started with a migraine that meant me taking Monday off, which led to my manager suspiciously questioning my being off sick on a Monday having already booked the Tuesday off. (I later got all the 'valued employee' spiel but still, I was smarting from feeling like a naughty child.)
Also last week I received two quite outrageous demands for money (in the thousands) which I have spent all morning getting legal advice on. I couldn't phone up last week because, piling on the misery, I found my phone had been unceremoniously cut off despite my having sent off a direct debit form at least a month ago. And I couldn't immediately pay the bill because... my card had been stolen.
I suppose I need some balancing 'life's not so bad' stuff before I end it all. Well the night out on Tuesday was great fun for a start. And I have so far successfully taken over one of work's 'most prestigious clients' with no major headaches, other than a guarantee that I'll never get out early again. I am going out tonight for lovely Bec's birthday (happy birthday Bec, Laura, my dad, and Karl Marx) and I have been reading about my nearest big park* which looks lovely, so I am going to sit in it tomorrow in the promised 20C, having gone via the library and the Tesco for some supplies. I have lots of good things to do for the rest of May too. And I am now going to reheat the leftovers of Sunday's delicious curry for my lunch which should have that even better matured taste by now. Of course because I made the curry in the evil Last Week, while making it I picked up my jar of cardamoms by the lid, which wasn't attached, giving me a kitchen carpeted with cardamom pods. I'm told this is a hip look in Brighton.

Oh while I had the news on the other day, BBC Click recommended a thing called digsby.com which nicely ties up all your stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and IM apps, meaning you don't have to bother clicking between them all. I can recommend it too. I really ought to update more often, sorry.

*If it's as nice as it looks, I may insist on a birthday picnic there.
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I'm fairly sure this is the wrong time to post, as everyone will be on their daily commute, or cooking dinner, but here's a test for you. In that six degrees of separation way, does anyone know Lima Pereira? She's Italian, and 33 at the end of next month, and has curly brown hair. If you know her, can you tell her I found her passport.

moy deah

Apr. 24th, 2009 04:32 pm
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I am watching David Lean's Oliver Twist, which was clearly filmed in a bloody great Pinewood Studios set, but I still keep watching it as though I'll recognise somewhere, with some of it being set round our way. Apparently it was banned in America for three years, and in Israel, on the basis of Alec Guinness's prosthetic hooter. There aren't many films that have been banned due to people having a big beak are there? What about Cyrano de Bergerac? Anyway, I no longer have a copy of the book of Oliver Twist, so I can't check where it was supposed to all be set (oh Hattie Jacques has just made her appearance as Pub Singer) but what I definitely recall from the book is that any film adaptation of it seems to comprise chapters 1, 2, 3, 51 and 52. It's a hefty tome, but worth the effort. Incidentally the only time I have ever been to the cinema on my own was to see the 2005 version.
My door blew open earlier, the main door. Which was a little disturbing considering it could have happened when I was out, or asleep. It's not overlooked from the street, but still, having a door that closes is pretty much a basic safety precaution and I'll have to watch that it does a proper click in future.

Marathon question: Do any of you regularly go and watch it? Only I'm working on Saturday night and have to get home on Sunday morning, right through the main route. Are people likely to be lining the route hours in advance? I'll be coming home three hours before it sets off, but if I can't even cross the street outside work I'll be a bit buggered. And furious. 


Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:42 pm
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1  Google band name having been given highly illegal 'download anything' link by ex.
2  Find out band are playing on 28th April.
3  Think 'oh bugger, I booked off 29th May to see them, have I got this entirely wrong?'
4  Find out they are still playing 29th May and allegedly 28th April.
5  Workmate cancels week off, nip in with 'oh can I have 28th April off then?'
6  Google band name + date, find out that  28th April was a gig last year, that I actually went to.
7  Feel like a complete tit.
8  Receive email 'Temposhark perform live in London next Tuesday 28th April 2009 at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen'


Apr. 23rd, 2009 11:06 am
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Teeny little (I can say that) Yvette just really held her own on This Morning. I am quite impressed! (When the hell did I start to know about politics? I'm somehow scared.) I am particularly worried that I can now imaging Yvette and Ed 'together.' so I am off to rinse my brain...

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What a super lovely day! Lovely beer garden weather, but of course I have no mates, so I might just have a solitary small glass of red on the balcony later. If I can find any room in my belly that is, having been to the famous Maggie's with [livejournal.com profile] publicansdecoy for a filling and tasty brunch. i think I made a good account of myself, leaving only one of my slices of toast, but now I am cheerfully stuffed. I do, however, feel rather obliged to make tons of cauliflower cheese, as Tesco decided it would be reasonable to replace 2 pints of milk with 4 pints of milk so I need to do something with milk, other than perhaps bathe in it. Really, wouldn't it seem more sensible to replace 2 pints of full cream with perhaps 2 pints of semi-skimmed? It's not like being given double the amount of tea bags or washing powder, because milk goes off. Also it was my own crazy idea to buy a whole enormous cauliflower, so cauliflower cheese it is. And then macaroni cheese tomorrow. And some milkshakes.
How come the Budget was so early? Did Darling just fancy the afternoon in a beer garden too?
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'Twitter collects personally identifiable information about its users and shares it with third parties. Twitter considers that information an asset, and reserves the right to sell it if the company changes hands.'

Did you all know that? I'd like to know what it thinks it knows about me. As you may or may not have noticed I only use Twitter to post complete, fantastical, bollocks. This is because I still haven't figured out Twitter's USP, in fact further than that I would say it is less unique than practically anything else on the web. Like everyone else, probably, I have a few places I like to check when I get online, to catch up with news of my friends. Not all of my friends overlap in the internet applications they choose to post on, so I flick round them all, but with the advent of Twitter it seems to have totally homogenised and I read the same thing again and again. Here's a typical scan round the internet for me these days.
Bob has a new hat.*
Bert is going out to lunch*
Bob: I have a new hat.
Bert: I am going out to lunch

New Hat started by Bob
What shall I have for lunch? started by Bert
Bob wrote 'I have been out to buy a new hat...'
Bert wrote 'I am trying to decide where to go to lunch...'
Bob: Tweets for the day
Bert: Tweets for the day

I also racked my brains to think of anyone 'famous' it would be interesting to follow and honestly couldn't come up with anyone whose day-to-day witterings I'd be vaguely interested in, and am coming to the conclusion I just don't like people. Of course the point of posting all this blather is that what I really want to know here is, what does the # thing on Twitter mean?

*Names have been changed
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Did you know the current threat level is severe? Although confusingly it is pointed out that you should just carry on regardless, as 'your risk of being caught up in a terrorist attack is very low.' Who exactly is it severe to then? Oh yes, I have been 'doing' the Home Office at work, so my life is full of crime, bombs and immigrants. And Jacqui Smith's expenses/husband's claim for expenses. Do you know there are over 70 articles in today's press that refer either directly to that subject, or casually reference it? Lazy, lazy journalism, especially in the Sunday papers where every columnist in the country thinks it is highly amusing and original to throw in a 'Jacqui Smith's husband/porn' reference, regardless of their main subject. But I suppose if I read enough about tasers and seizures of illegal firearms I may soon be in a position to pose a Severe Threat to all journalists.
I am tired, tired, tired, having for no reason whatsoever only managed four to five hours sleep every day this week. Well yesterday there was a reason, in that I was stuck at work for an extra two hours and arrived home just in time for helicopters circling over Jade's funeral. Techno-vultures.
And I have realised that although going to a non-Eurozone country makes financial sense, it also sort of doesn't, as I've always just taken euros out of ATMs when ayay, but this time I will have to get proper currency. What a palaver.
Blimey, the woman on BBC News is a bit glammed up - hot red lipstick on a Sunday afternoon? Ding dong.
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Pour le [livejournal.com profile] cappuccino_kid, I would definitely recommend going on Le Petit Train up to Notre Dame de la Garde. Be warned, that website has music, and it's exactly the same music that they play while you're trundling up a hill in a little toy train, with a narration filled with corny little jokes. Extremely surreal. But there's an amazing 360 view from the Notre Dame. I would also say take the boat out to the Iles du Frioul, where there is nothing to do except see how long you can wander around an island without seeing anyone else (hours) but that's why I liked it. Most boats to Frioul go to Chateau d'If as well, (home of the Count of Monte Cristo) but on the day I went the whole island of If was closed due to the French having one of their traditional national strikes.
If you're going to go to lots of museums and galleries, it's probably best to go to the Tourist Information in Vieux Port where you can get a City Pass which gets you in free to places and gives you free travel. (Clearly I am just finding out now that I could have done this...)
You must also have a kebab, because it will come with chips. Inside it. Kebab with chips inside it. That still kills me.
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I've just realised I never bothered writing anything about my trip to Marseille in January did I? Well it was successful enough that when word went round at work last night that Ryanair were offering cheap flights until midnight tonight I immediately thought I should get myself in there. So I have spent the last couple of hours agonising over where to go, and trying not to just pick Marseille again, because that doesn't show much spirit of adventure and is rather like my grandparents going to the same hotel in Blackpool every year. I ruled out Norway and Sweden, despite really fancying both, as the airports were hours away from the city, but I have finally booked to go to Denmark for a few nights, the first week in June. Hurray!

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What exactly is the point of putting the clocks forward an hour? I know the official answer is to give us an extra hour of daylight, but it doesn't does it? It doesn't stop the planet moving and travelling round the sun. It doesn't add to the number of hours in a day. We merely get the same amount of daylight, but with a new name. And again the official reason was to give farmers an extra hour of daylight, but they managed without it in winter, and if they really need more daylight now, why don't they just get up earlier?
I am surrounded by boxes and cables, as my BT Vision has just arrived. Unfortunately the cable provided doesn't quite reach the best socket for it, so it is spread across my walking space to one it does reach, so I have to play French skipping every time I want to leave the room. This situation will have to see out the week as I can't really go shopping for an extension cable while I'm working nights. And after half an hour of hunting I realised the really useful 4-gang extension I do have is already under the bed with one item, a bedside lamp, plugged into it.
So if you don't hear from me for a week I am either amusing myself recording and playing back live television, or I have tripped over a badly placed cable and have electrocuted myself. 
My Tesco delivery is now officially 10 minutes late. I am hungry. I do hope they don't give me a 'complimentary' Daily Mail again, it's getting embarrassing having it on show in the recycling. Edit: Yes, yes they did.
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