Mar. 26th, 2009

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I did quite fancy going to the World of Cracking Ideas exhibition at the Science Museum, however it seems to be squarely aimed at children, and also is £9 and described at having a 60 minute duration, which I think is rather a skewed time/cost ratio for something I'd hoped would be a bit of fun.
I am also doing that thing I do roughly this time every year, which is looking into swimming lessons. and getting annoyed at the same problem I have every time, even though this is a completely different service provider - there is absolutely no hint of what times these lessons might be available. I can see that it's a ten week course, costing £49, which is all fairly reasonable, but I work alternate weeks and need to know if I'll be expected to go in 'the middle of the night' for half of the lessons, in which case I won't bother. And I'll be away at the end of June, which is roughly ten weeks away is it not? Perhaps I'll take up the kayaking lessons instead. Or the RYA Seamanship Course, which will allow me to be capable of manoeuvring a dinghy in a seamanlike manner and making seamanship decisions in moderate conditions. That's a bit like swimming.
To be honest I have absolutely no idea why I regularly get this idea of wanting to learn to swim in my head. I have so far in my life never actually needed to swim, or been hindered by not being able to do so. It would probably be more 'useful' to learn to ride a bike, but that doesn't even look a vaguely enticing prospect. Not nearly as enticing as a deep blue sea on a nice summer's day (sigh, is it June yet?)
I am staying in tonight as I am monumentally skint until payday, which is at least tomorrow, at which point I will benefit both from 32 hours overtime, and being the recipient of the highly contentious new bonus scheme. Under the old system, depending on reaching a particular target, everyone in the office would get £100, £150 or £200 each. Every month. Under the new system one team only gets £300 each, seemingly at the manager's whim. As you can imagine, everyone in the office now hates Goverment team. This will probably only stop once everyone has been randomly allocated the monthly bonus, which makes it not much of a reward for hard work anyway does it?


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