Jan. 17th, 2009

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Hello, you find me home alone on a Saturday night. But don't feel sorry for me, as you find me on my brand new sparkly teeny little notebook computer, and I shall be enjoying it for a while. It is about the weight of a small tin of beans, and I keep holding it up in my palm to demonstrate to the audience (of cows) just how lightweight it is. I had been planning on upgrading my computer at some point soon, but this was accelerated by finding on Thursday morning that my dongle (what a horrendous word) had come out of my old computer, actually snapping off a bit of the USB hub. That's not a 'broken' computer that an expert can fix, that's a literally broken computer. Also on Thursday morning, my TV remote disappeared, not turning up until Saturday, I overslept, having been meant to meet my visiting mother at Paddington, and then I lost my keys to the extent that it took a full fifteen minutes to find them.
Anyway, I was in time to meet mother, and then her train was delayed by half an hour so I had time to buy her a £10 Oyster card, before remembering that she's now 60 and has free travel. (I'm getting very frustrated that little new computer doesn't have an End key - well it does, and I think it's supposed to work in conjunction with the Fn key, but seemingly doesn't. Also the right-hand Shift key is not where I'm used to, and I'm still learning how to tap the track pad instead of clicking the button. Minor digression...)
It was great having mother here! I have walked bloody miles and enjoyed it. On Thursday evening after some dinner we walked from Centrepoint to London Bridge, via Trafalgar Square, and it was a really lovely walk - no-one living in London would do that by choice, and certainly not on a chilly January night at 10pm. Friday we spent the entire day in the Tate Modern, and must have been walking around for six hours, and then we went up to the Lexington (ex-Clockwork) to see the Sex Tourists. Having not been online for a few days I hadn't known that the stage time had changed and thought they were still on at 8.45, so I was getting terribly embarrassed for a while that no-one I knew was there, and that my mother might start pitifully thinking that I only had imaginary London friends who were in imaginary bands. Luckily I went out for a fag break and saw lovely JT from work who informed me that stage time had changed to later on... So people did turn up, and met my mum, and she thorougly enjoyed the set, and meeting everyone. Rah! My mother there, marvellous! Afterwards I took her on a slightly roundabout way home so we could stalk my office too.
Today after I saw her off I knew a new laptop was on the cards, so I just set off walkinig in hope of finding somewhere with a good offer. I ended up buying this lovely little thing from the Curry's on Oxford Street, and then walked down to where I could get one bus home. Which means today I walked from Paddington to Holborn. That's a lot of walking...

It was great that some of you got to meet my mother- we actually have exactly the same voice, if you hadn't noticed.


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