Jan. 14th, 2009

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I was disqualified from filling in [livejournal.com profile] offensive_mango's poll about getting ready for work in the morning, as I don't go to work in the morning, but it made me realise how luxurious working nights is in that regard. Many night workers stay up for a few hours when they get in, and get up for work with the bare minimum of time, equivalent to a nine-to-fiver, but I prefer to get to bed as soon as I get in and have the following routine:

Get up sometime between 2.30pm and 4, after about seven hours sleep. Make tea with maybe a snack like toast or fruit, and spend an hour or so on the internet with BBC News on TV in the background. Nip to the shop if I need anything (but I prefer to stock up on the way home if possible) and then make dinner for about 6pm. Wash the pots, shower and get dressed and made up for work - I will inevitably spill some dinner or splash something while cooking, hence the showering and dressing after eating. Watch a couple of hours of TV or go on the net again, while making enough roll-ups to see me through the night at work. Then at 9pm I will start the business of getting my shoes on and packing up some food for work before setting off. Arrive at work at least half an hour early, giving me time to get a tea, and leisurely check through any e-mails and get a start on work that's already arrived, which on Sunday is usually none.

This week I am mostly taking advantage of the week off by lounging around in bed as I seem to have a nagging headache. Although I did go for my first session of physiotherapy yesterday so that was plenty of activity and effort, thanks.

My mother is quite possibly coming to London tomorrow...
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Hurrah, my mother IS coming down tomorrow for two nights! Fabulous! My mother used to live in London, and regularly visited, but hasn't been here properly for ten years, (I have lived here for nine) so we will be packing in as much as possible. Including going to see David, Rory and Jeremy as the Sex Tourists on Friday at the Lexington (formerly Clockwork.) 'Ooh they won't mind you bringing your old mother will they?' No. But apparently no one is allowed to give her a drink because she fears turning into the drunken houseguest in Father Ted. (Give her a drink...)
We will be doing the Tate Modern, and possibly the Dali Universe, and general shopping, eating and wandering around looking at interesting things - I was thinking of doing the Tate to Tate boat, and then I remembered that my mother gets seasick in a deep bath - so my 20% off Top London Attractions discount card has arrived just in time. Has anyone been to the London Bridge Experience? I was not thinking of going myself, as it seems to be pumping out sub musical-theatre tunes and therefore sounds dreadful, but I just wondered how representative that is.
So If anyone wants to meet the famous 'Rhoda's Mother,' come to see the Sex Tourists on Friday - for full details it should be a recent 'Rhoda is attending...' on Facebook. Well you can come even if you don't want to meet my mother, obviously.


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