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Did you know the current threat level is severe? Although confusingly it is pointed out that you should just carry on regardless, as 'your risk of being caught up in a terrorist attack is very low.' Who exactly is it severe to then? Oh yes, I have been 'doing' the Home Office at work, so my life is full of crime, bombs and immigrants. And Jacqui Smith's expenses/husband's claim for expenses. Do you know there are over 70 articles in today's press that refer either directly to that subject, or casually reference it? Lazy, lazy journalism, especially in the Sunday papers where every columnist in the country thinks it is highly amusing and original to throw in a 'Jacqui Smith's husband/porn' reference, regardless of their main subject. But I suppose if I read enough about tasers and seizures of illegal firearms I may soon be in a position to pose a Severe Threat to all journalists.
I am tired, tired, tired, having for no reason whatsoever only managed four to five hours sleep every day this week. Well yesterday there was a reason, in that I was stuck at work for an extra two hours and arrived home just in time for helicopters circling over Jade's funeral. Techno-vultures.
And I have realised that although going to a non-Eurozone country makes financial sense, it also sort of doesn't, as I've always just taken euros out of ATMs when ayay, but this time I will have to get proper currency. What a palaver.
Blimey, the woman on BBC News is a bit glammed up - hot red lipstick on a Sunday afternoon? Ding dong.


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