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Pour le [livejournal.com profile] cappuccino_kid, I would definitely recommend going on Le Petit Train up to Notre Dame de la Garde. Be warned, that website has music, and it's exactly the same music that they play while you're trundling up a hill in a little toy train, with a narration filled with corny little jokes. Extremely surreal. But there's an amazing 360 view from the Notre Dame. I would also say take the boat out to the Iles du Frioul, where there is nothing to do except see how long you can wander around an island without seeing anyone else (hours) but that's why I liked it. Most boats to Frioul go to Chateau d'If as well, (home of the Count of Monte Cristo) but on the day I went the whole island of If was closed due to the French having one of their traditional national strikes.
If you're going to go to lots of museums and galleries, it's probably best to go to the Tourist Information in Vieux Port where you can get a City Pass which gets you in free to places and gives you free travel. (Clearly I am just finding out now that I could have done this...)
You must also have a kebab, because it will come with chips. Inside it. Kebab with chips inside it. That still kills me.
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