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I could catalogue the entire set of disasters that has been today, so far, but really, do you need to know? The icing on the cake being an egg timed with a stopwatch for two minutes and fifteen seconds turning out completely undippable. Stupid egg.
And there's an afternoon of the same ahead, hurray! Yesterday though I did have two of the best poached eggs I've ever, ever made. I am egg genius, except when it comes to boiling the little bastards (for that is what they truly are...) Honestly, they use "can't even boil an egg" to imply "can't cook" and yet I have successfully cooked for hundreds of satisfied diners and still get the egg + hot water bit wrong. There's some sort of metaphor in there I expect.
My head is rather ruined today as I woke quite early and decided that I was going to go back to sleep for half an hour and that I was going to dream about something important that would provide some sage and wonderful advice for my future. Five hours later I remain quite baffled and annoyed about this dream's very clear message but odd way of saying it.

Oh that reminds me - you know everyone's favourite soap cliché, particularly Eastenders, is the stock phrase "you've got a funny way of showing it" when a character tries to explain a motive? I have discovered a new favourite stock cliché phrase. During any argument over a "secret" that one character knew about: "Why didn't you tell me?" "I didn't tell you because I knew you'd react like THIS!" Marvellous. Award yourself ten points if you spot one this week. Award twenty points if you can validly use it in a row.

I was most amused yesterday to spot the book I am currently (re-)reading is now part of the SF Masterworks series and is £7.99. The battered old original in my bag retailed at 95p. Not quite so amused to see what the auto-filler-in thing on Google came up with when I typed in an S. "Sexo con animales."


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