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I seem to have slept through all of Sunday.

Well probably not all as I have a bar receipt for a beer and a JD & coke from 12.30pm, which raised my eyebrows as I'd a, completely forgotten we'd gone for another drink, and b, thought we'd got kicked out of the room around 9am. But no.
Nevertheless I have just slept for eighteen hours. Sorry Cay.
I did have an ace time if, er, that helps?

Oh yes and... I smoked a fag. Maaan it was good. You can all shout at me if you like, but I will be ignoring you, and I did turn down at least four offers of coke.
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I wonder how much people really look at each other? This morning Eddie enthusiastically commented on my hair colour, which he assumed had changed. Not only have I not dyed it, I barely managed to even brush it this morning. I suggested that perhaps I look different because of my glasses.
"Oh are they new ones?"
"Er, no I usually wear contacts..."

Today I am wearing my glasses because I mostly wore my contacts for thirty six hours or so over the weekend. One is not meant to do that. It was one of those weekends.
Friday, Do Me Bad Things, Peace Burial at Sea, late night boozing at Cay's and a row with David about which neither of us remembers a thing.
Saturday, Siobhan gig and late night boozing at her house, and the loan of Dan's coat after mine appears to be soaked through with beer.
Sunday, wake up assuming it's about nine am, but Julian tells me that no, it is in fact ten to five in the afternoon. Oops. Studio, solo gig, dinner and a meeting then mean I finally arrive home at 11 and find that the can of lager I had in a carrier bag in my room has somehow exploded. All over some clothes. Quite baffling. I mean seriously, it looks like someone hit it with an axe.
How can that happen?

So yes, I'm obviously looking forward to getting home from work to a beer soaked room there, marvellous.

I am seriously in love with Nathan Whitey. I mean really really so. I can't quite remember how subtle I was in telling him this on Saturday...


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