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I am VERY stressed out, having just paid some essential bills and discovered this leaves me with about £4 a day until payday. Honestly, why won't anyone rent my spare room? I'm willing to drop the price ridiculously even if it means ripping myself off, but to be fair I'm being ripped off to start with, so what the hell? To cut a long story short I was offered this flat in February by a 'friend' who said 'hey, take on the flat and then all you need to do is find a flatmate...' but clearly she had inside knowledge that the flatmate market had bottomed out, so now I am paying about 80% of my salary to a 'friend' who I'm not feeling very friendly to at the moment because of this. It's pretty galling to be scrimping about for pennies when according to my recent P60 I earned a fairly nice amount last year.
And it's put me in the very difficult position in that I can't just cut my losses and move, because £4 a day doesn't leave me much for a deposit to move anywhere else does it?

DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANYONE WHO WANTS A ROOM TO RENT BEFORE I SHOOT MYSELF? (Well hey, the whole flat's yours if I do that.)


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