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Gosh, this is so not me, I've just seen some headlines and I'm DYING to see the full story. My job has changed me a lot - do you remember the days when I was all 'oh who cares who's in power, they're all the same'? and my best friend [livejournal.com profile] publicansdecoy despaired of me, because he's quite a political chap? Well last time we met up I was probably more of the political bore because I just wanted to chat House stuff. And now all I do is watch The News, or even The House on Parliament. , and rumble about Private Eye, my new favourite read.
Well FWIW I would be happy for John Denham to become PM, although no one's mentioned him yet, but Alan Johnson would def be up there in my vote too. (I've just read his wiki page and am quite startled, and like him more.) Wrong, wrong, wrong - you know me and all I care about is getting drunk and seeing bands, so I did that last night. gLAM cHOPS are absolutely amazing. Well we all know that Eddie is such a lovely bloke, and Mikey is a clever musician, but hell...put the two together and it's AMAZING. You can't vote directly for PM though can you? I'd want Lord Drayson, he's SO the best. 

*erm GMTV theree, huh?

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