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May. 7th, 2009 12:59 pm
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Apparently I do have an iron, it's in what I call the cupboard under the stairs although there are no actual stairs involved, it's just a cupboard under the stairs type cupboard. There's even an ironing board in there too and I presume they're mine, in that they aren't on the inventory so were most likely left by the previous tenants (Australians who were returning back to Oz) and aren't the landlady's. The returning Australians were useful in that they (with my permission) left behind an extremely well stocked kitchen so I now have ridiculous things like pizza cutters and apple corers, and a giant meat cleaver, but bizarrely, no corkscrew.

I have spent ALL morning, having got up at 7.15 and just decided to quit, messing about with mp3s in anticipation of my new mp3 player arriving soon. This is not as easy as it sounds. My old laptop broke, in that the USB port physically snapped, and the USB port was the only way to get stuff onto my old mp3 player, and at at the time was my only way to get on the internet, with a dongle. So I bought a new laptop, a netbook in fact, which has no CD player.
Therefore the only way to get the stored music off the old laptop onto the new netbook is to plug the old laptop into the broadband, upload the mp3s five at a time to my BT vault, then download them on the netbook. And then I took the fox across and went back for the chickens, etc... Unfortunately lots of the stuff I had appeared to be unlabelled, or even if a whole album was labelled as a folder, the individual tracks inside would have nothing written on them, so I have been playing Name That Tune for quite some time. Or Googling for track listings, particularly when you realise you don't even know what the song title was in the first place. Anyway IT'S JUST ARRIVED. MY NEW BABY HAS BEEN POSTED THROUGH THE LETTERBOX AS I TYPE. So I shall go and get playing with it. I've just thrown the three other letters on the floor - I wonder if they were anything important?
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