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Oh, I have just found a 'what to do if you lose your bank card' card nearly a week too late. That was fun - 'oh let's just get a cab, I'll pay...' so I asked the cab driver to stop at a cash machine on the way, and he took us via one of those £1.75 charge jobs inside a garage, which promptly ate my card. I'm fairly sure there must be a legitimate bank ATM on the way from central London to my house, but clearly not in this driver's 'knowledge,' therefore we were turfed out of the cab and left with a half hour walk.You'd think the least he could do was admit partial fault and finish the journey anyway, but no. Props to NatWest though - card reported stolen at roughly 5am on a Wednesday, new one delivered 12pm Friday.
To add insult to injury, when I was leaving for work the next night I realised my mp3 player was 'missing.' I bet it's in his sodding cab. And I couldn't even treat myself to a new one with no bank card (I have ordered one now, so please feel free to irritatingly tell me I could have had your old one/s.) As steam was coming out of my ears over the prospect of walking to work without all the new music I had only recently filled my mp3 player with, my belt broke. Last week was not a good week, as it started with a migraine that meant me taking Monday off, which led to my manager suspiciously questioning my being off sick on a Monday having already booked the Tuesday off. (I later got all the 'valued employee' spiel but still, I was smarting from feeling like a naughty child.)
Also last week I received two quite outrageous demands for money (in the thousands) which I have spent all morning getting legal advice on. I couldn't phone up last week because, piling on the misery, I found my phone had been unceremoniously cut off despite my having sent off a direct debit form at least a month ago. And I couldn't immediately pay the bill because... my card had been stolen.
I suppose I need some balancing 'life's not so bad' stuff before I end it all. Well the night out on Tuesday was great fun for a start. And I have so far successfully taken over one of work's 'most prestigious clients' with no major headaches, other than a guarantee that I'll never get out early again. I am going out tonight for lovely Bec's birthday (happy birthday Bec, Laura, my dad, and Karl Marx) and I have been reading about my nearest big park* which looks lovely, so I am going to sit in it tomorrow in the promised 20C, having gone via the library and the Tesco for some supplies. I have lots of good things to do for the rest of May too. And I am now going to reheat the leftovers of Sunday's delicious curry for my lunch which should have that even better matured taste by now. Of course because I made the curry in the evil Last Week, while making it I picked up my jar of cardamoms by the lid, which wasn't attached, giving me a kitchen carpeted with cardamom pods. I'm told this is a hip look in Brighton.

Oh while I had the news on the other day, BBC Click recommended a thing called digsby.com which nicely ties up all your stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and IM apps, meaning you don't have to bother clicking between them all. I can recommend it too. I really ought to update more often, sorry.

*If it's as nice as it looks, I may insist on a birthday picnic there.
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