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What a super lovely day! Lovely beer garden weather, but of course I have no mates, so I might just have a solitary small glass of red on the balcony later. If I can find any room in my belly that is, having been to the famous Maggie's with [livejournal.com profile] publicansdecoy for a filling and tasty brunch. i think I made a good account of myself, leaving only one of my slices of toast, but now I am cheerfully stuffed. I do, however, feel rather obliged to make tons of cauliflower cheese, as Tesco decided it would be reasonable to replace 2 pints of milk with 4 pints of milk so I need to do something with milk, other than perhaps bathe in it. Really, wouldn't it seem more sensible to replace 2 pints of full cream with perhaps 2 pints of semi-skimmed? It's not like being given double the amount of tea bags or washing powder, because milk goes off. Also it was my own crazy idea to buy a whole enormous cauliflower, so cauliflower cheese it is. And then macaroni cheese tomorrow. And some milkshakes.
How come the Budget was so early? Did Darling just fancy the afternoon in a beer garden too?
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