Mar. 27th, 2009

missfrost: (oh good grief!)

Number of unique takeaway menus I have received in one month of living here = 12
(8 pizza, 2 Chinese, 2 Indian.)
Number of times in my life I have ever ordered a takeaway while on my own = 0

I think I may break that rule tonight as I rather fancy a Chinese, but haven't yet got a good storecupboard of spices, and I've had my fill (literally) of proper cooking for the last few weeks. Also, it is payday. Well it is theoretically payday, but they have 'forgotten' to pay my 32 hours overtime and my bonus, so I am just allowing a tiny treat until I can be assured they're going to sort it out (by which I mean, see the cash in my bank.)

What shall I have? Considering the minimum £8 I need to have a starter so that will be crab & sweetcorn soup. And then I am spoilt for choice, and torn between duck with green pepper in black bean sauce, or beef in oyster sauce, or king prawn with hot chilli sauce... And maybe some mini spring rolls. Or a big spring roll. And then what rice? Special fried rice? Mushroom fried rice? Shall I get prawn crackers or just bump my order up to £10 and get free ones..?
Damn, now I've just glanced at the Indian menu too - you wouldn't believe I've just had a big lunch.

I was going to take myself for a day out sometime in the next few days, under the proviso 'somewhere with sea, that I've never been before.' But it seems that to get to say, Margate, 60 miles away, it will take three hours and two changes of train. And the tourist industry wonders why people prefer cheap flights abroad.

missfrost: (oh good grief!)
Are maxi skirts back? I have seen four in the last week, on teenage girls, and not just Muslim ones. Long, denim, old school maxi skirts. Ech.


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