Mar. 17th, 2009

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What you people who work days and sleep nights don't realise is just how different sleeping during the day is. Not the getting to sleep, but staying that way. For instance if you'd gone to bed at midnight and woken up at 2am, you'd probably think 'oh great, it's only 2am!' and go back to sleep. You certainly wouldn't relate the story to everyone at work the next day, or get much reaction if you did. However if I go in tonight and say 'I woke up and it was only ten to ten!' I'd get a resounding wave of sympathy for such a horrific experience.

Anyway, I woke up at ten to ten after the most amazing dream, and please don't tell me 'other people's dreams are boring,' that's rude. In the dream a load of us had gone to some all dayer and I'd booked a hotel room that we were all in. Alex (don't expect me to start arsing around with LJ tags, you either know Alex or you don't. Am I sounding rather belligerent today? Sorry.) got very glassy-eyed at one point and started weaving my hair into amazing plaits with some steel blades, and I decided I really needed to nip across and use the toilet even though the blades were still holding the plaits together. So I went across to this other place and realised the 18 Carat Love Affair, who we were all there to see, were just about to start. But I couldn't let everyone else know as Alex, who had come with me but was now a cat, had my phone in/as his brain and unfortunately it had fallen out and smashed. I spent ages trying to piece back together my phone/Alex's brain while the 18CLA were getting annoyed at me because I was interrupting their set piece audience participation extravaganza. And when I finally got the phone put together Alex (the cat with no brain) had run off into a massive garden where there were hundreds of cats, and Kasia and Kate Dornan had to go and find him while I explained the hilarious story to Steve of 18CLA (who I don't really know IRL.) Kasia and Kate finally found Alex (the cat with no brain) and I managed to reinstall my phone into his head and sew it up. Hurrah! The end!
And then I woke up and it was ten to bloody ten.
And then I went back to sleep and dreamt that I was having sex with Cheryl Cole and she was absolutely rubbish.


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