Mar. 14th, 2009

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If I have discovered one thing with my advancing years it is that I am only truly able to settle in a 'home' if I live within reasonable distance of a Peacocks, a Superdrug, and a 99p Store. Therefore I am giving 10/10 to Elephant & Castle shopping centre for being 6 minutes away on the bus and fulfilling these criteria, with a bonus 98p store too, and a WH Smiths thrown in for good measure. My only other experience of Elephant & Castle was going to a gig there where the door signs said NO GUNS NO KNIVES (and the shopping centre says NO HOODIES) so I was a little, well I was going to say nervous*, but what I think I mean is snobbish about the area. But it's no worse than Holloway I suppose.
The thing is, I'm a fairly ordinary working class Mancunian, and the fact that my accent's disappeared over the years could mark me as classless, but every time I hear myself speak around South Londoners I sound markedly different, to the extent that I imagine they think me to be really posh. Whereas in North London my non-accent was fairly standard. This is difficult to explain without me sounding like a complete bitch isn't it? So I'll shut up.

I am cooking chicken chasseur. Well I haven't looked up any sort of recipe so I'm cooking something that thinks it's chicken chasseur, so let's not disappoint it by telling it it isn't.

*For the record, I have never, ever actually felt threatened or unsafe while walking in an allegedly 'rough' area.


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