Mar. 11th, 2009

missfrost: (oh good grief!)
Does anyone think, or know, they are my 'friend' on I used it a few times about three years ago and since then have sporadically received e-mails saying that X has added me, but no amount of searching Gmail will find these mails, and itself says that no one is registered under my e-mail address, in spite of the fact I've used it since 2004. All I want to do is download The New Royal Family's single. The missfrost and the Rhoda on there are not me either, so I'm baffled, and I suppose I could create a new account but I'm getting thoroughly bored of the internet having just spent another two hours reposting adverts for the flat and mailing people with flat wanted adverts, and most free-to-advertise sites make you pay to be able to contact anyone, causing a further drain on my finances.
Honestly, what's wrong with it? It's a fabulous flat, you can walk to London Bridge or bus to Liverpool St or Holborn in fifteen minutes. You'd have the place to yourself half the month when I'm working. The only thing I can think of is that I have mentioned that working nights, I need to sleep during the day, which for anyone working full time during the day would only necessitate a bit of consideration on alternate weekends. But someone did e-mail me yesterday to ask about that as their major concern. I said that it would only be a problem if someone was at home all day practising the trombone, but that was enough to put them off getting back to me. I have advertised on about six sites, but here's my newly reworded Gumtree ad (for which the Googlemap is actually slightly wrong and should be half an inch higher) if anyone can suggest what's wrong with it, or indeed pass it on to someone interested. Please. This is so wearing that I'm beginning to crack up. If you see me in public, e.g. tonight at the New Royal Family, please don't ask me about the flat unless you know someone genuinely interested, because all the tension is ready to LET RIP and I wouldn't want to have to glass someone.


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