Mar. 4th, 2009

missfrost: (oh good grief!)
Jesus God. Gordon Brown's speech to Congress is going to take a month if they keep applauding and giving him a standing ovation after every sentence. Is all US politics like this?
Anyway I am mildly annoyed as my nice red hat blew off last night in the Weather. Right into the middle of Tower Bridge, where the pavements are all fenced off so there was no way of rescuing it. And it had gone by this morning. I'm also quite confused by my landline which should be put on by today, but there are at least four phone sockets in the house, some of them linked by cable, and I have no idea which one will be activated. All the cable is tacked neatly under the skirting board so I can't figure out what's connected to what either. What the hell are skirting boards for actually? I have tried ringing myself with my mobile, but clearly I'm not in.
No really, this standing ovation thing is getting comical now. And 'we' have just given Ted Kennedy a knighthood, apparently for not being dead yet.


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