Mar. 3rd, 2009

missfrost: (all is good)

Bah, I should know never to speak of anything until it's 100% guaranteed, or even over and done with entirely, but my potential flatmate has pulled out. For family reasons, which I can't really have a beef about, but still...
At least the bright side is that even if I have to live off 20p noodles for ever, I have my lovely big flat all to myself. I can just about pay the rent and bills for two people on my own, leaving me with less than the dole to live on*, but this has been on a month where we didn't get the bonus, and I have the internet and TV and phone and all that, and I can walk to work. So, cosy, cosy, cosy.
I suppose I should still say 'if anyone knows anyone who's looking for a flat etc etc etc' though.

I have just been to Nat West to change my address and set up my rent standing order. It never ceases to amaze me that the actual human beings you deal with in branches are unfailingly efficient, friendly, and polite, but the people behind the operation are completely incompetent dolts.

*To live ON, or to live OFF? What's the difference?


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