Mar. 2nd, 2009

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I seem to have had a much less exciting weekend than everyone else don't I? I did, however, get paid time-and-a-half for having no mates and had quite a laugh at work composing a Song for Jade (Goodbye England's Pig) and inventing the Oxo travel card (for the gravy train.) I also achieved some other things outside work. I broke a new year's resolution in quite a satisfactory way, I seem to have found a wig flatmate by a happy accident, and I grassed someone up. Dobbed them in. Turned stool pigeon. I was looking at the menu for a Chinese restaurant that had dropped through my letter box when I noticed that it was illustrated with a picture of the adorable Ching He Huang. And initially I thought, which presumably was the intention, that maybe it was Ching's restaurant, but something in the back of my mind told me that was wrong. I Googled (as you can if you have no idea who she is) and found that I was right, Ching is a Chinese cookery writer, and occasional TV presenter, but does not have a restaurant. So I did the decent thing and used the 'contact us' button on her website to 'wonder' if the image had been used with her permission. Either her crack team of lawyers will have the place shut down by now, or she'll cheerfully say it's all good promotion for Chinese food (which I doubt, as she's trying to get people to cook their own instead of buying it.) Either way it will be nice if she comes round to thank me personally and cook me up some noodles.
(Note: I am not attempting to bankrupt some struggling family - the leaflet says they have four other branches and gives a number for anyone interested in a franchise, so the use of Ching's image is quite a mercenary move.)
Also I ate a pie that says 'serves two,' which was nice. I am now going to have some crumpets for breakfast.


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