Feb. 28th, 2009

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My phone beeped with a text message at 7.30, just as I was waking up. It was Liam from work; 'Hi rhoda we're looking for extra cover on Govt team tonight, could you come in a night early?' (I had already volunteered for Sunday o/t.) Lots of things go through your mind when faced with a question like this, and the first is that the whole principle of going in for overtime on a Saturday screams I HAVE NO FRIENDS AND NO SOCIAL LIFE, which is quite pathetic because I do have friends and a social life, I had just planned to stay in this weekend as I don't want to spend any money until I find a flatmate. The second, quite ridiculous thing that went through my mind was that there might be something great on telly tonight, and perhaps I'd check the TV guide before I replied. What? What could possibly be such a television event that it was worth turning down a night's pay for? And quite apart from the fact that I've dozed off in front of everything I wanted to watch this week, most things are available online anyway. The third thing I thought was that at least I have some notice, as Liam usually texts around 9.30pm to see if you can come in, and only a mental case would volunteer to work overnight having been awake all day. So I said yes.
This means I am going to completely fail to finish the bottle of wine that I have been ploughing through for three days. I have become absolutely useless at drinking at home. How odd.
Last night I dreamt that me and Rory had joined the police. Not Sting's lot, the actual Met. And we were waiting for our uniforms to be ready so we were wearing corrugated cardboard bulletproof vests in the meantime. I am going to patent the idea before Boris jumps on it.
Today I am umming and ahhing over re-attempting to dye my hair. Which I can possibly now 'afford' as I think I may have good news on the flatmate front, but am put off by the extra energy dyeing my hair will use before a night shift. The walking to the shops bit, not the sitting around for half an hour and washing my hair.


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