Feb. 25th, 2009

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Coming off a week of nights can be a bit odd in terms of the body clock. Yesterday I got up early, and after lunch had a nap, for four hours. Then after dinner I lay down to watch TV and slept right through all the TV I wanted to see, one thing, obviously, being the Horizon all about body clocks. I woke up and watched Shameless on C4+1, then dozed off again, and went to bed about 2.30am.
And I got up at 6 and have done all my washing, had a cooked breakfast, (with my first ever double-yolker!) and done a Tesco Online shop. Tesco online shopping is brilliant! Tick, tick, yes, one of them, some of that... It's convenient for me as I'm trying to restock a storecupboard, and my arm's still not up to carrying much, and it also means you can take advantage of bulky/heavy multipack offers, like 3-for-2 cartons of juice, and buying nine toilet rolls instead of two. (And now I just have somehow managed to change the font and font size in Semagic while hitting the letter T. Does anyone have the faintest clue how I did that? I'm still not used to a lot of the keys on my little notebook computer, and I have no idea how to access the End, Home, PgUp and PgDn keys, which are marked in blue, but pressing the blue Fn key doesn't do it.)
Anyway, Tesco. I have randomly bought crumpets as I haven't had them for years. But they won't be here until this time tomorrow, and there's no point trying to satisfy the craving at the corner shop, as my butter won't be here until tomorrow either. I have also bought another massive pack of potatoes, as I have eaten most of the first massive pack. I was disappointed to read recently that 'the kids' are going off potatoes and tend to eat pasta instead. I would take potatoes over pasta anytime. I would take potatoes over chocolate, or cheese, or even booze anytime. How can anyone not love the versatility of the humble spud? Boiled, mashed, baked, roast, chips, rosti, dauphinoise, duchesse... yum.

I've just been put off Richard Bacon. There are two phrases that will instantly make me reassess people as soon as they use them:
1. 'It's like that episode of The Simpsons where...'
2. 'It's like that episode of Friends where...'


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