Feb. 20th, 2009

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Other than going to a couple of gigs I haven't properly listened to any music all year, which was not an odd New Year's resolution, I simply left my MP3 player at [livejournal.com profile] curiousbadger's on NYE and we've so far failed to be in the same place at the same time so I can retrieve it. But I still get music stuck in my head - I am very easily earwormed, and not usually with something I like. Often I get stuck with whatever was playing in reception at work when I nip to the toilet, and you can imagine the type of easy listening radio station that a security guard would be playing at 4am, or a word or phrase sets me off with a particular song. However for the last few months at work I have had the baffling phenomenon of one particular song sticking in my head at the same time every night and I can't figure out why. And attempts to recall what song it was at any other time have so far failed. But last night I had the brains to email myself and follow this up, so I am now off to check the lyrics of Sweet Talking Guy and see if there's any particular reason I associate it with the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.
But speaking of gigs, I am going to hike up to North London prior to work this evening to see the Sex Tourists, whose songs also get stuck in my head despite me not knowing any of the words. Hand out song sheets, chaps.

The best newspaper quote of the last couple of days was from the story of the school that had got all the kids to list a load of swearwords in class and, most importantly for it reaching the papers, write them down in their schoolbooks (my header is the Sport's choice of headline.) One of the papers (I am guessing the Mail) had a quote from an enraged parent who said 'some of the words were so obscene, I had never even heard of them'


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