Feb. 15th, 2009

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As I have just said on Facebook, my life would be nearly perfect if I only hadn't almost run out of rizlas and milk. Wouldn't it be great if someone delivered milk to your door every morning? Oh wait. My local shop is so near that it will actually take me longer to put on my boots and coat than it will to get there, so I'm clearly going to become one of those women who goes to the shop in their slippers and jamas. Perhaps I can get myself a little megaphone and simply blare HELLO THE SHOP. SOME BLUE RIZLAS AND A PINT OF FULL CREAM PLEASE and get them to drop it round. God I'm lazy.
On the plus side, I do have the wonder that is tomato juice, and bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and potato rosti. (HELLO THE SHOP. AND SOME BROWN SAUCE PLEASE.)
Tomorrow I am expecting my first solo Tesco delivery. At first I thought it was going to be useless and that I'd never find anything I wanted, but then I got right into it and managed to spend £53, a large proportion of which I suspect has gone on 3-for-2 Schwartz herbs and spices. And 3-for-2 Doritos and 3-for-2 houmous, which is my usual work snack, but I fear that I may have accidentally bought the suitcase sized packs of Doritos. We shall see. It's all an exciting mystery to be revealed sometime between 9 and 11 tomorrow, during which time I am also having the bedroom carpets cleaned and the front door painted. Bugger, they have just had an advert for Doritos on the telly, and now I have a massive craving for them; where is my megaphone? I have also just checked my purse and appear to have £20 which suggests I only spent £10 last night. This cannot be correct. I certainly drank enough that I have no recollection of the bus journey home other than congratulating myself for getting off at the right stop at the first attempt. And I definitely have no recollection of sending someone a quite flirty PM, which I only know I did due to the nice reply I got back - er, phew.
Did I always ramble on on Livejournal in such blathering style, I seem to have got out of the habit. (Yes you did. Ed.) Actually I am an Ed, that's my job title. Also, I may be reading too much Private Eye. Having found one on the bus a few months ago I have become hooked. I don't think I would have 'got' it a few years ago, but my job makes it extra amusing. Although I have twice laughed out loud in public at a Baby P related joke and prayed no one would ask me what was so funny. 'Oh I'm just laughing at Baby P...' No.
Yesterday I went shopping for some household essentials and came back with a new shirt and jeans, and some hairspray. This is because nowhere in Southwark sells tea towels, bathmats, or plastic tooth mugs.
Oh wow, I've just remembered I have some syrup pancakes too! It's time for food.


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