Feb. 13th, 2009

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Cor I am having a jolly old time pottering about in my new flat, unpacking things and giving them new homes. And although I unfortunately can't really afford to live permanently on my own I'm enjoying settling in and making it feel like home, so by the time someone else moves in I can feel comfortable lounging around on the sofa in my dressing gown without feeling like a guest. (Hopefully they'll feel comfortable enough to do that too of course.) And the beauty of my 3 Mobile wireless thingy and my freeview box mean I don't have to spend the usual internet and TV free days that you usually have with a move.
I'm a bit stumped for food though. I need to replace ALL the storecupboard stuff like herbs and sauces and tinned food, which is going to cost me a fortune for a start, but I still can't carry much, and it's a bit of a complex area to get to with a van so I'm not convinced Tesco or Ocado will be able to find me. There's an enormous Asda about three quarters of a mile away, and a Tesco in the other direction, but my pathetically weak right arm means I'm restricted about how much I can get (I can't even manage to press some light switches, my muscles have deteriorated so much.)
I am just going to have to live permanently from the chippy at the end of the street. I can probably get some salt and vinegar from the off licence next door, but otherwise the only edible thing I have is mustard that I brought back from Marseille.
Perhaps i should just stop thinking about food shopping and go out and do it, and then get down to sorting out the tedious stuff like the council tax and the TV licence. Actually I do quite fancy some chips though...


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