Feb. 11th, 2009

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Hello the internet! I am moving tomorrow, or possibly tonight. Yes, again, hopefully to somewhere permanent this time. No not up North, that fell through, but I have been practically handed on a plate a lovely big flat about ten minutes walk from London Bridge, and more importantly, only twenty minutes walk away from work, with a bus that stops right outside the office for lazy or wet days.
There are two double bedrooms, and I am allowed to sublet the second, so if anyone knows of anyone looking for a place, please pass the word on. I am valiantly taking the smaller bedroom as it has a soundproofing corridor between it and anything else, and a massive storage cupboard right next to it, but if someone would prefer that then I'm open to offers. I'm thinking of asking for a bills-inclusive rent, but again if someone would rather pay less and split the bills we can discuss that.There's a nice newly fitted kitchen and bathroom, and the living room is tiny but there's an extra living space that could conceivably be a second living room (this is difficult to explain,) and there's a large private balcony for smoking/generally sitting out in the sun.
The person I'm renting it off is rather a practised landlord and keeps telling me I'll need to get a toaster and microwave for the second person. Is this true? What would make somewhere unacceptable to rent for you? Would lack of toaster do it? I can probably get one for a fiver...


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