Jan. 26th, 2009

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I've just been watching Barack Obama make some policy statement or other, and the BBC News chaps started chatting about 'President Obama...' and I thought for the first time 'wow! This is quite an amazing guy! What a time to be living in!' I hope for everyone's sake that he lives up to expectations. Mr Edwards recently pointed out the tautology, if that's the correct word for this instance, of a journalist saying they had met the new black Kennedy, - Dickon said he was either the New Kennedy or the Black Kennedy, but one adjective was extraneous.
I don't have NEWS. I was expecting to have NEWS today but unfortunately slept through the final important meeting and have had to phone up people and apologise for the fact that when you work nights it is nigh on impossible to do anything on the first day you come off shift. (Jeremy and Rory can pat themselves on the back here.) So I may have NEWS tomorrow. I don't want to jinx it, but suffice to say I hope to be reclaiming my place at the forefront of The Noble Guard before too long, perhaps by this time next week. Anyway, no jinxing... If this NEWS goes through some of you may be quite shocked or offended, but as I have said, this year is all about ME.


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