Jan. 25th, 2009

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I've noticed that I'm not looking forward to going on holiday this week. It's not that I'm dreading it, just not that I'm excited about it either. I have no feelings either way - it's simply something that I'm doing this week, considered on the same emotional level as 'must remember to buy some shower gel.' I've forgotten to think about it as I have so much more going on to be getting on with. So far, apart from one large glitch that I'm going to gloss over, 2009 has been absolutely fantastic. I have achieved loads. Mainly little personal things that wouldn't make for great Livejournal posts or pub anecdotes - for example I no longer have an overdraft - but aims and objectives that have been doable. I am thoroughly positive, and keep finding myself with that little smile of contentment for no reason. Where 2008 was my Year of Tedium in which nothing much happened, 2009 looks like it will be the Year of Getting Things Done. Taking Control. Also, Moving Ahead. (Year of Plans might be a snappier title Rhoda.)
I tend to think that people are either Past, Present or Future people mentally. Future people have retirement plans and have already decided where they're going on holiday next year; Present people quickly put events behind them, but don't think much about what's coming; and Past people like me are usually too lost in old memories to notice things changing around them. None of the three is an ideal way to live, but I think I would like to incorporate a bit more Future. So the New Year resolutions I made are so far, so good, but I think I'll add some more.

What you can deduce from all this is that I'm not a member of the library where I currently live, and that I left my mp3 player at [livejournal.com profile] curiousbadger's at New Year, so I have had no music or books on my work commute and have thus been forced to think. Also I have rediscovered a crippling addiction to Spider Solitaire and am trying to avoid it (the computer has to be on because I am downloading something...)

I got chatted up on Tower Bridge the other night. By someone sober, English speaking, and quite attractive and sane. Well not sane enough not to start chatting someone up on Tower Bridge, obviously.
(ETA when I say "English speaking" I mean "could hold a conversation," not in a way that I'm prejudiced against not English speakers, but because the normal chat up lines I get consist of 'you nice lady, you want drink?' or 'I be your boyfriend, yes?' I should have said articulate.)


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