Jan. 23rd, 2009

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Look, I'm getting doubleplus confused about all this flying on my own business now. I really am a novice at this. Last time I flew I turned up at a desk and gave them my ticket and my suitcase, and got on the plane. This no longer appears to be the case (as it were.)
What is cabin baggage? Is that your suitcase or is that your handbag and magazine? How can you 'check in' online? I thought checking in meant physically arriving and saying 'hello I am here, please show me where to sit.' What the hell is 55 10kg - is it like the size of a wheely case or the size of a dainty purse? I don't know kilograms, and don't know pounds either so I'm not looking for a weight conversion. I can do maths, but I grew up in the era when people were just beginning to convert to metric so never successfully learned either and confuse both. (I also don't have the foggiest clue what people mean when they say something is 100 yards away. I measure distance in minutes.)

I need some ANSWERS.


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