Jan. 20th, 2009

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Oh, I have just accidentally discovered I have a movie maker on my new computer. That'll never be used then. Anyway, as expected, the papers were full of Obama this morning. The expectations of a great new era, predictions for his address and reception, how we will all remember where we were on this day even if we feign, or genuinely have, no interest, what changes may happen in the next few years or months... The Daily Express, however, went for a cheerfully positive Today Barack Obama becomes the man on the planet most likely to be assassinated.
If you're not watching it by the way, BBC News have gone WAY over the top on the crazy graphics. Actually I'm just watching it and thinking 'been there. Been there too. Got a photo of me there'* And also thinking, hmm this is all very well but none of our clients are interested in US politics and I could do with knowing the UK news.

We have to go in 45 minutes early tonight for a talk by our CEO. This, unsurprisingly, did not go down well with many people, particularly as we don't get paid overtime for going in early, and also as there had been some huffing over a new directive that overtime has to be signed off as and when you do it, not all applied for at the end of the month. If they assume this will reduce overtime claims they are probably wrong, as everyone who forgot they did an hour three weeks ago will now be automatically applying for it. I suggested we all attend the talk in full-on power-dressing executive suits, but no one seemed to be up for that.

*Well I used to have photos of me in Washington. I probably don't by now.


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