Jan. 10th, 2009

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I posted this on Facebook, because it was mainly about Facebook, but it might as well go here too as I never have time to write much anyway.

I noticed with some concern yesterday that the photo of a murder victim appeared on the news 'courtesy of Facebook.' Can they do that? He looked happy - canoeing, probably on a holiday - and at least it wasn't a moodily posed 'profile' shot. But I did wonder that if Facebook have the power to choose how we will be represented to the world after an untimely death, which one of my photos, and of your photos, would they choose?
I had an uneasily relationship with photographs of myself for a while, particularly when friends chose to plaster them over the internet with no prior consent, because I always think I look dreadful in them. That's not some coy 'oh golly I look dreadful' passive incitation to flattery, and it's not because I have a problem with the way I look; I just happen to see photos of myself and generally think 'I look MUCH better than THAT.' Perhaps I'm merely highly disillusional, but I do think I look better in real life and I'm just unphotogenic (please be diplomatic if your urge is to now tell me 'no Rhoda, you're just actually as rough as a bear's arse.')
I was even more disappointed when the likes of Myspace and Facebook came along, filled with artfully lit and made-up profile pictures, in what became derisorily known as 'the myspace pose,' with every shot designed to hide that bad chin or big nose, contrasted with all the snaps of me wearing a paper cup as a beak or with a gob stuffed with cheesy wotsits, usually holding a drink and a fag. How embarrassing. And then it slowly dawned on me that mine are so much better as they're not just pictures, they're memories - every one a nostalgic 'oh, that's that time we...!' which is far better than 100 flattering photos of myself all dolled up alone in my bedroom (I have admittedly attempted this in the past, with patchy results, for which I obviously blame the camera.)
Of course if I get murdered in the next week, which photo of me appears on the news will be of no concern at all.

There's absolutely nothing on the telly up to the point I have to leave for work later. Nothing. Even BBC News is only showing sport, and What The Victorians Did For Us has been run into by darts*. Bored now. Is there an internet site where I can brush up my French prior to my holiday?

*This sentence may not make sense outside the UK.


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