Jan. 4th, 2009

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Jan. 4th, 2009 01:43 pm
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At the risk of driving non Doctor Who fans to despair - here's my opinion on the New Doctor. Oh. Yes, 'oh' was actually my genuine reaction as I have never heard of him or seen him in anything. What good is a heavily built up special announcement to the nation if the name at the end leaves you completely unenlightened? In fact the sense of anticlimax rather reminds me of Deep Thought saying '42.' The whole bathos has been added to by the fact that he won't become the Doctor until 2010. Who cares about 2010? I'm certainly not going to attempt to maintain any excitement or anticipation over a television programme for an entire year. I only managed to be excited about my holiday at the end of this month for a few hours!
As to the actor himself, it looks as though they have chosen someone to play David Tennant's Doctor to me. He could conceivably be cast as Tennant's brother in some other programme, and whoever was responsible for the casting must have had a Tennant blueprint in mind. In the interview he came across as a well brought up drama school kid (and we all know I hate drama school kids) who was trying to say the right things but somehow conveyed that what he really felt was 'I've got a £££ acting job!' rather than 'I'm Doctor Who!' Obviously as an 'ac-torr' he doesn't necessarily have to be a 'fan, and that might not hinder his ability to be a good Doctor but... oh I don't know, I just don't like him. He's the sort of person that if I met in real life I'd be a bit sceptical about until I got to know them. If I bothered. Also, he has a very strangely shaped head.


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